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MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig
MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig

MDL-135G Anchor Drilling Rig

135G anchor drilling rig adopts our company's latest group technology, and is applied to anchoring engineering of urban foundation supporting and building displacement control. So it is also called multifunctional mobile drilling rig. Its drilling diameter is 150-250mm, and drilling depth 100-140m. The anchor drilling machine is an integral type, and is equipped with crawler chassis and holding shackle. If adopting pipe drilling machine, this multifunctional drilling rig can drill holes under casing pipe. In addition, jet grouting function is added to the rig.

Compared with other anchor drilling rigs, our products' efficiency is better because of higher rotary speed. With big torque, the drilling depth of 135G multifunctional mobile drilling rig is deeper. Our products can be applied to more projects due to big power.
our company is the first manufacturer of domestic anchor drilling rig and jet grouting rig. The products are produced in large quantity, so they are cheap in cost and sales price.
we have a superior after-sale service group and enough engineers on line, providing timely and high-efficient after-sale service.

1. Equipped with specialized pipe drilling rig, such as drilling pipe, casing pipe, eccentric drilling bit, this 135G anchor drilling rig can drill regular button bit hole with casing pipe wall protection in unstable strata. The drilling efficiency is high, and the bole quality is good.
2. This multifunctional mobile drilling rig is applicable to deep foundation anchoring support. By altering jet grouting module, the 135G anchor drilling rig can be used for jet grouting construction. In addition, the drilling rig has a good performance in geothermal hole construction, dewatering well construction, mini steel-pipe pile construction and mini filling pile construction.
3. Except crawler chassis, holding shackle and swivel plate, our company provides other auxiliary options, such as jet grouting module. Customers can choose optional auxiliaries when ordering drilling rigs. We will do our best to offer you better service.

Components of 135G Anchor Drilling Rig
① Cover Piece: This can make the rig's appearance more scientific, and protect key hydraulic components from pollution.
② Landing leg: This can not only maintain hydro-cylinder intact, but also increase the intensity of supporting.
③ Operating floor: Split type can make operation simpler and avoid misoperation.
④ Crawler: Longer and wider crawler can effectively prevent sinking. It is applied to far-range strata.
⑤ Lifting: This can adjust to the height of hole mouth, and it will not depend on the height of working surface.
⑥ Automatic swivel plate: This will spare human's labor. It's convenient.
⑦ Power head: The drilling machine adopts double hydraulic motor drive. With large output torque, the rotary center was lower than those of similar products, greatly improving the stability of multifunctional mobile drilling rig.
⑧ Big hole high pressure resistant water faucet: It is an equipment for construction.
⑨ Cooling system: In view of the special working condition, the cooling system is optimized to ensure that the hydraulic system's outdoor temperature is 45°C, and the highest temperature should not exceed 70°C.

Parameters of 135G Anchor Drilling Rig

Basic parameter
Drilling diameter (mm) 150-250
Rotary spray pile diameter (mm)
Drilling depth (m) 100-140
Drill rod caliber/Tube diameter (mm) 89, 102, 114/127, 133, 140, 146 , 168
Drill pipe inclination angle (°) 0-90
Gyrator parameter
Rated output speed (r/min) 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, 70, 100, 120, 140
Rated output torque (N.m) 6800
Route (mm) 3400
The route of shaft shackle slipping (mm) 1500
Lifting power (kN) 65
Lifting speed (m/min) 0-2.8(adjustable), 7, 18, 25
Pressure (kN) 33
Pressure speed (m/min) 0-1.4(adjustable), 14, 36, 50
Parameter of whole machine
Input power(electric motor) (kW) 55+18.5+2.2
Overall dimension of main engine
Transport state(length*width*height) (mm) 5400*2100*2200
Construction state(length*width*height) (mm)
Weight of main engine (kg) 6000
Walking parameter
Walking pattern Crawler walking
Climbing angle (°) 25
Crawler ground bearing (kPa) 40
Traveling speed (km/h) 0.4
Turning parameter
Turning way Whole manual rotation
Turing structure Pivotal bearing
Location mode Locating pin
Auxiliary parts situation
Holder shackle device Standard configuration
Crawler chassis Standard configuration